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"Contact Free Agency - Contactless delivery Lock down solution"

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Business Solutions - A 'Stand Alone' Barcoded Retail Store or B2B Website. To keep your Retail business safe from future lockdowns and streamline  your B2B services, you need to adapt to the NEW NORMAL, You need to be contactless.

"Contact Free Agency - Contactless delivery Lock down solution"

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After Client or Customer has scanned. An Item, Service, Document or Meeting Is Activated. They're taken straight to the item, product or service scanned. It's compelling and there's no countless pages to search through. With contactless barcodes, there's also

"Contact Free Agency - Contactless delivery Lock down solution"

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Orders can be delivered Contact Free to the customers doorstep, using QR Code Scanning. Many service based businesses and any nearly any B2B Business can still function! Since lock-down, business has changed forever. With a 'Contactless Stand Alone Store'

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Buy The Contactless B2B or E-Commerce Website Solution Act quickly, before the 2022 rush we're expecting, so you can achieve amazing results, fast. We'll start creating your contactless business platform and put you ahead

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To keep your business safe from COVID, you need to adapt to the NEW NORMAL and serve your customers in a way you've never done before.!


Act now before the price rise! we're expecting as demand increases for Comtactless Websites, so you can achieve maximum Take the full payment option or pay in 2 instalments.  We'll create your full E-Commerce Contactless Business Retail stand alone webstore and barcode platform or B2B Website. You'll be placed ahead of your competition and well on the road to recovery!


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Although impossible for us to predict to a fine point; The recovery of your business depends on many factors which are out of our control. However, this we do know. If you add a contactless business software platform to your business, the likelihood of total recovery is incredibly improved. For one thing, you’re able to start trading again, even without any form of government financial assistance.


In addition to this, your customers will continue to take advantage of the convenience of having their purchases delivered right to their doorstep or business reception, when they either can’t go out or simply don’t want to leave their home or business, for whatever reason they have. This can be quite appealing to a business man or woman who is stuck in the office and can’t leave for some reason.


This of course depends upon which level your country or city is under for lock-down. This means your business and private life will continue to prosper from the clients that you’ll add to your business, who may never have visited your business/store in person, in the first place.


Further, when the area of your business starts to come out of lock-down, this works even for many service based businesses. As in New Zealand, so in the rest of the world. As we started to leave the higher restrictions of lock-down, many service based businesses such as hair dressers, barbers and gardeners etc were able to return to business once again. There may be some restrictions such as social distancing and contact tracing. Yet, so long as someone has been granted government clearance, they may return to a relatively normal working relationship with their clients once again.

"Contact Free Agency - Covid-19 - Contactless Business"

“Let’s help get your business profitable again”

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Although we’re not in the business financial loan’s market, we offer a lease to buy option of 4 Easy Interest Free Monthly payments. This means you can have your own Contact Free Agency Platform right away, without having to wait until it’s paid off!


"Contact Free Agency - Covid-19 - Contactless Business"

“Let’s help get your business profitable again”

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There are no limitations. The quantity of products you wish to add is set by you.We’ve kept our E-Commerce QR Website’s cost effective, by giving you publishing rights. It’s a simple process of replacing our demo content with your own. However, we can add products for you, including images, prices, descriptions etc. You must provide us with the completed content that you wish us to add, for each product or service. Or, we can copy content from your own website, if you have one already. The whole purpose of what we provide is to have a stand alone store or B2B Contactless Website. It’s the only way, especially during lock down, to sell to your customers, by effectively avoiding distraction, or conduct B2B Business. After you’ve logged in to your dashboard, you can see how easy it is to add your products and/or services. After your initial investment, you can either add more products yourself or invest in adding more products to your store, by having us add them for you. We charge a small fee for altering any product descriptions, price details etc. Unlike most conventional web design Companies that only sell the complete design package, at Contact Free Agency, this is optional. If you decide to do it yourself, it’s easy and only takes around 5 to 15, minutes to add a product or service, along with its description etc.

"Contact Free Agency - Covid-19 - Contactless Business"

“Let’s help get your business profitable again”

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Nobody can make that guarantee and if somebody ever makes that guarantee, it’s a good idea to leave quickly. A good business recovery plan is essential, for fast recovery from the Covid-19 Pandemic. However. you’ll now have a great store, that’s simple for your customers to use, yet gets you back into winning back your customer’s trust and assists your business to recover more quickly!

"Contact Free Agency - Covid-19 - Contactless Business"

“Let’s help get your business profitable again”

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Contact Free Agency has a number of free business consultants. We’ll appoint a specific Consultant to your business manifesto, so that you can communicate with just one Consultant who understands your needs. We’re just an email or phone call away. So that we can serve our clients efficiently, you will need to schedule a call. If your matter is urgent, you can use the ticketing system we have available. You’ll find it here > Click Here.

Once you’ve touched base, we’ll give you a call to introduce ourselves. If you’ve chosen email, we’ll email you. If you have any questions for us, that you wish to discuss in more detail, you can schedule a call with one of our Business Consultants. If you decide to have a Contactless custom business platform created, we’ll appoint one of our specific Business Consultants to you.

Get in touch with us now, before business gets really busy. We’re expecting a rush, as it’s the beginning of a new year and there are many businesses out there who need our solution. By getting in early, we can guarantee you immediate attention. If you hesitate, you may be placed on a priority list. If that happens, we’ll endeavor to serve you as quickly as possible, yet the early bird gets the worm, so they say!

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Joseph Hannof

Covid-19 Business Recovery Consultant